Finding beauty from ashes


   This is me. My name is Darlene. A wanna be blogger/interior designer/painter and lover of all things old & chippy! My husband & I have five children to nurture & love. If you were to stop in for a cup of coffee, you would probably notice I rearrange my furniture a lot. I usually have a long list of unfinished projects along with ideas for more! (Im hoping to change that)) 
   Amara.Eternally.Beautiful is a dream to bring something beautiful from ashes. Amara (Greek) for "eternally beautiful" was the name of my firstborn daughter who couldn't stay.We buried her at a small cemetery in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her stone reads: Amara Diane: "In His time He makes all things beautiful". The heartache that followed turned into a passion to bring beauty from ashes. 

 So What can you expect to find on my blog? Just me. Probably blowing off the dust on some old find that I'm convinced I can make beautiful. Projects I am doing around my home. Tidbits from our family life. And hopefully Inspire you too along the way.

I'd love to hear from you!
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