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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Chaos and a Nugget

   If I was ever under any illusions that life would slow down since enrolling my kids, I was sadly mistaken. Days fly by in a blur. I remember the transition into homeschooling. It was hard creating structure in our home at the time. I remember praying specifically for God to "bring order to my chaos". 

    I am renewing that request.

    Recently, I made the decision to pursue my own business. I took the short drive to the County Clerk's office and registered my official name with the state. Applied for my tax ID number and opened my own bank account.

Im officially "Amara Eternally Beautiful", upcycled furniture and home decor. 

  This has been a dream of mine since forever. My husband can attest to that. I have a passion for making a house into a home. I love creating something old, sad, and worn into a work of art. What others consider a lost cause, is my Cinderella.  Maybe this is because that is what God has done for me. My junk, turned treasure. An eye sore with so many imperfections, turned masterpiece. If He can do that with me than, oh the possibilities! The end result, not perfect, but beautifully imperfect and wholly loved. 

  I have lots of decisions to make. Im hoping they are smart ones. I am going to make mistakes. That's ok. I may or may not be deemed "successful", that is ok too. I recently was given a nugget of wisdom about starting your own business.
 "You will have a lot of serious competition. Plan on it. It will get hard and you will feel inadequate. Just remember what you are passionate about and do what you love."

               Im taking this one to the bank.

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