Finding beauty from ashes

Friday, February 19, 2016


  Change is inevitable. Really. I know that. But some years bring more change than others. Those years leave you scrambling for your footing and learning just who you are and what you're made of.

    In 2014 we sold our home in beautiful New England to moved across country to the South. Good ole Texas. Where dreams are about as big as the state itself ;-) We left behind a large family and community of friends. The only life my kids can remember being a part of. 

   The year previous our move, my extended family was dealt a heartache that no one should ever have to endure. In the short span of a year, we said goodbye to three of my uncles. The following year, my grandfather. My heart still hurts that I cannot walk up the steps to enjoy that cup of coffee. To enjoy the laughter and love that a large family brings. 
   My uncles were all like my second dad. My grandfather a quiet pillar of strength. Not only to me but my vast number of cousins. My growing up years were filled with long summer nights catching fireflies, exploring 100 year old barns and falling asleep to the sound of my uncle's guitar pickin. A childhood filled with music and love, not only for each other but a love for Jesus. A life I wanted to pass onto my children too. A life that we lived until tragedy struck. In 2013 we buried my three uncles. A short year later, my grandfather. He died partly from a broken heart.
    In the aftermath, nothing stayed the same. Our Saturday nights no longer involved family get togethers that lasted well into the night. Guitar pickin,food and laughter. We tried to pick up the pieces but instead what remained was a huge hole in our hearts.   Time went on and in November of 2014,we sold our house and moved. Another change.
Our NH home
New England Fall in our backyard

Our first home in Texas was this RV park. 

    For three months we camped on the river. First in a loaned motorhome, then just before Christmas we moved into this 400 square foot cabin. The whole while searching for the right home to buy..knowing nothing of the area. We continued to homeschool. Yes living quarters were a little tight with 5 children but we have mostly good memories there. 

   In February we bought a house in this little country neighborhood.

    The school district was very highly sought after so we made the decision to take a break from homeschooling and enroll all four of my big kids into public school. That.Was.Hard. I mourned the quiet life we used to live. 

    About the same time, we found 12 acres and put a chunk of our savings down to purchase our "someday property". Our first step toward our "someday" dream of raising our children on a small farm and carving a life out for us here in TX.

   Shortly after, I made the decision to pursue my lifelong dream of owning my own business. With only my 2 year old at home, I've experienced a freedom I never have since we started this mommy thing 12 years ago. A freedom I'm trying to learn to love.

     Yes change is inevitable. Life never stays the same but...

    I've learned more now than ever to treasure the fact that GOD stays the same. He cannot change and I can rest on the solid rock of a foundation set in HIM. Life's wind does blow. The storms rage high and things seem to not make any sense. I don't know the why of where I am at or what HIS plans are. But I hold onto what I do know. And that is GOD is faithful. He is so good. He only can bring beauty from the ashes of my life. 


Recorded by The Hemphills on Together
Copyright @ 1984 Heartwarming Records

Listen to the Tune
1. My boat of life sails on a troubled sea
Whenever there's a wind in my sail.
But I have a friend who watches over me
When the breeze turns into a gale.CHORUS:
I know the Master of the wind.
I know the Maker of the rain.
He can calm a storm, make the sun shine again.
I know the Master of the wind.
2. Sometimes I soar like an eagle through the sky
Above the peaks my soul can be found.
An unexpected storm may drive me from the heights
Brings me low, but never brings me down.
Tag: He can calm a storm, make the sun shine again
I know the Master of the wind.

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