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Monday, October 12, 2015

Crazy Lady with a dolly & Mary Anne again

    Craziness abounds in my household these days. I chuckle because I may have officially convinced my neigbors of my insanity. Oh the joys of living in a little neighborhood! I have been trying to spruce up my photography skills a little and in doing so may or may not have lost my mind. 
   We have this sweet retired couple that live on the lake across from our home. The older gentleman likes to ride around the neighborhood on his golf cart. He hauls his garbage, gives (who I assume are)his grands rides, and spends his afternoons fishing. My kids have dubbed him "The man in the golf cart". Creative, huh. He also probably witnesses the most bizarre happenings going on at his new to the neighborhood, crazy family of seven. (We get LOTS of comments on the 7 part)
    In my futile attempts to photograph *ahem* MaryAnne, I happen to deliver some morning entertainment in the form of crazy lady with a dolly. With our recent (as in 8 months) move to this area my husband purchased a moving dolly. So when racking my brain for ideas on how to photograph this sweet lady *meaning Mary Anne of course* I thought, Aha! I'll haul her outside on my moving dolly!
    Getting her off my front porch was an interesting feat. Did I mention that their is a rather large drop off the step into the about a foot. If you can imagine a crazy lady with bed head followed by my princess of the bunny slippers, running helter skelter around the yard carting a dresser. Yeah the "man in the golf cart" slowed down quite a bit when he saw me "staging" my dresser by an oak tree, then wheeling her through the ditch to rest in the only spot that worked. It just so happened to be in the middle of the road.

    When I finally got her settled just right, I harriedly snapped a few million pictures in high hopes.  I guess great photography isn't based on high hopes. 

So without further ado, I present MaryAnne; a sweet blend of lightly distressed creamy white, rustic wood and beautiful hand painted knobs. 

    Reminds me of sweet summer and wildflowers. Maybe an afternoon picnic complete with a soft blanket, tart lemonade and childhood laughter. mmmmm...Life is good.


  1. Love your sense of humor! I can just picture you lugging that around... lol Good job, "she" is cute!

  2. Love your sense of humor! I can just picture you lugging that around... lol Good job, "she" is cute!