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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A consignment find turned clock

 A Couple years ago I found this round, black frame at a local consignment store. I saw it and fell in love! Oh the possibilities! It literally took me a year to finally get some old barn wood backing the frame. (I convinced a friend to do it) It really was beautiful already so I didn't have to do much to bring this project to life. 

  I bought some stencils and a white paint pen, then set to work. Honestly I am not a graphic designer at all but stencils I can work with!:-)
  I knew when I bought the frame that it would be perfect for my favorite quote. My life verse. I used a good ole ruler to make sure my lines were straight, and outlined everything in pencil.
  Then spent my evenings coloring when the kids were in bed. Seriously it reminded me of being a kid again.Very relaxing. When that was done, I embarked into the unknown(to me). Powertools. Of course Im new to blogging & wouldnt have thought to actually take pictures of this step.. But I will tell you what I did.
   I bought a "clock kit" from our local Hobby Lobby and set to work with my power drill. After measuring to the exact middle of my clock face, I marked it with pencil. Then using a wood drill bit, I drilled my hole into the back through to the front. Sounds easy right? Well not really, for amateurs like me anyway. I ended up making the hole too big & my hubby had to finish it for me.  
   After the hole is drilled, then follow the directions on the back of your clock kit to put it together. Set the time & wallah! Thankfully my frame already had hanging brackets so I just had to adjust them to work for me. If your frame doesn't you will have to attach some before hanging it. 


Now the fun begins! Find that perfect wall that is calling for some dressing up. For me that was my entry wall. Isn't she a beaut!?

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