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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kitchen table redo

  There's nothing like an upcoming BBQ to motivate me to get my butt into gear. My kitchen table has seen way too many school lessons that included markers & was in serious need of a face lift. So one beautiful, dry, hot, Texas day I pulled out my sander and set to work. I love the lines of my kitchen table and chairs so I just needed to make them shine. At this point I had a vague idea of what I wanted with the intent to try the new "vinegar tea stain". 

   Seriously this is why I usually paint & praise the day chalk/milk paint came out. Sanding is not my favorite thing!
  I sanded just the top with course "remove" sandpaper then finished it off with fine grit. The edges I did by hand. I chose to leave some of the white finish on in spots since I wasn't looking for perfect.
  (I previously had went over the table legs with "Miss Mustard Seed" milk paint and sprayed on a polycrylic top coat. So that was all good.)

  Next I applied a coat of Linseed oil with a cloth and wiped off the excess. The Linseed oil really brings life to any old wood and makes it pop. *Note on linseed oil. Never leave your used rags in a pile. They will self combust. Lay them flat to dry and then throw them away. Or like I did, throw them in the burn barrel.*

   I was really experimenting here because you really should test to see if you actually like the color of your particular wood. Me, Im a little bit of a wing it, trial and error person. Live & learn. Here the table top is after one coat linseed oil.

   I thought it was pretty as it was but then I realized my $15 garage sale bench was a different wood. Not good. 

  I used the "vinegar tea stain" method and applied it to the raw wood on my bench. See the difference?

  To match the bench and table, I decided to try the vinegar tea stain over the linseed oiled top. Here she shines. I love how they differ in color. Like old barn wood. 

 *Its funny because later that day I ran some errands and passed an old barn with the exact finish. The vinegar Tea stain method naturally oxidizes the wood, much like nature does to barns. How cool is that!* 

  Finally I hauled my masterpiece back into my dining where she belongs. She was rather happy to be re-united with her company of beautiful chairs. I think they are a great fit.  

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